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Hiya loves. It's sh'boy Rob here giving you a slice of Marsicans action, straight from my almost empty head. The month is October and, in the words of The Mamas and The Papas, 'all the leaves are brown' this must mean that it is Autumn and you can confirm this by looking out of your window, assuming that you have windows and don't live in some kind of Harry Potter-esque cupboard under the stairs. (If this is the case, here is a number you can call for help: 999) Right, now that the scene is set I can tell you all about our month...

We've been on our holidays to Europe, namely the countries of France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luton and, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Okay the last two aren't countries, nor are they in Europe, but we did stop off for a few shows on our way to the ferry port. They were very small, very sweaty, and very fun and we want to thank everyone who made time to come and see us on their week day evenings.

With all that excitement out of the way we were on the ferry and soon landed in France for the strangest show we have ever played. We were invited to Parc Asterix, a theme park just outside of Paris to play a kind of freshers festival-with roller coasters. Weird right? Our set time was 2am and after a torrential downpour heavy enough to closer the rides we were surprised to be playing. We were even more surprised by the amount of people who braved the rain to watch us, merci beaucoup! After some well earned sleep we spent a day off in Paris being basic bitch tourists and gawping at the Eiffel Tower.

We waved goodbye to Paris and after a 10 hour van drive we were in Berlin. Pat loves the Autobahn and he was the fastest and most majestic ex-Royal Mail van on the whole of Germany's motorway network. By pure coincidence, on the night of our arrival our friends in Cassia, Larkins and Glass Caves were all playing a show together around the corner from our hotel, so we headed out to see some familiar faces. The following day, full of sausages and culture we arrived at Privatclub to be reunited with the beautiful people in Hippo Campus. They are as talented as they are friendly and it was a genuine pleasure to share a stage with them in a country that neither band had visited before. Thanks to their German fans for welcoming us, buying our merch and begging us to come back to Berlin, we hope to see you as soon as physically possible!

A few days off meant that we could head for Holland, hang out with the Hippos and amble around Amsterdam, a city which has been very kind to us during our past visits. We then took the equivalent of a GCSE history trip to Dunkirk where our manager, Sham gave us a rather animated lecture on WW2's Operation Dynamo, complete with each army's positioning drawn with a finger in the sand. (Incidentally, 'Drawn With A Finger In The Sand' will be the name of my first solo album.)

Now, more knowledgeable than ever, we were on route to Brussels to play another show with Hippo Campus. The venue was maze-like, but we followed an illusive red line and found our way to catering we were fed like Kings! In the U.K we're lucky if we get a four pack of Fosters and some water, in Brussels we were full of three courses staring longingly at a cheese board! The show was ace, and our last before returning to England but we couldn't stay up late drinking the wine on our rider (chilled and room temperature options available) because the following day we had to do the classic 'Brussels to Manchester' drive for Neighbourhood Festival.

The sea was a cruel mistress on our early morning crossing back to England but nothing a chocolate Yazoo from a Dover petrol station couldn't solve. I was basically asleep all day and must have still been drowsy during our set up time as it was a massive shock to face the Neighbourhood audience and see so many of you going wild. It was the best end to a tour that we could have asked for and considering the incredible acts that we clashed with that night it means the world you guys chose to spend it with us!

I'm writing this as I procrastinate from soundcheck in Wolverhampton on our current tour with Clean Cut Kid. We'll be writing more about this next month but they are so fucking cool and I can't wait to meet more cool people, play more cool shows and generally carry on enjoying my life. I think I'm gonna cry...

In other news, Cale finally left the house after finishing Gotham, Oli bought an underwater camera, James said 'when in Rome' a lot when he wasn't in Rome and I went to rehab for my addiction to Dutch Crack-Olives. Until next time, kids.


Rob. xxxx

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