Photo: Adam Wood

It’s over. 😥 The tour is over. I’m too sad. I can’t continue. Okay, I’ll continue. We had an amazing time out with Clean Cut Kid (and Callum Beattie) on their headline tour. Following on from Rob’s blog, everything went from good to very bloody good. On the last night of tour, we traded gifts with each other, one of which was our Rob carried into CCK’S dressing room covered in squirty cream. But that wasn’t the end: the next day both bands were playing 2Q Festival in Lincoln. Both played to a wonderful crowd and got to have a chilled out beer/cider before the night turned very different and Oli held me over the river going through Lincoln...

Clean Cut Kid tour: bands and crew

Following this we RELEASED NEW MUSIC AHHHHHH. Throw Ourselves In is its name and throwing things in is its game. It threw itself into Radio 1 and Made In Chelsea and things. Go have a listen, add it to your Spotify playlist, do something with it. Make sure your hair is loose so you can headbang like me. This month, we also had our monthly School Night gig/seriously amazing DJ set at Oporto which is always fun, followed by playing Leeds O2 Academy with the Pigeon Detectives; our debut on our home Academy stage where we’ve all seen bands we love, a slightly surreal night but we all loved every second of it. That very same night, we announced our largest headline show to date: at Church in Leeds on March 10th, which will probably involve us doing something with instruments and our voices down microphones. So don’t be a wally and buy a a ticket to the gig.

Opening for the Pigeon Detectives, Leeds

Gosh that was a busy period. As per usual it gets cold about now, so we decide to make sweaters for people to wear to keep them not just warm, but also fashionably warm, in pink or black. These are very soft and we don’t like letting other people have them so stop buying them, thank you.

In other news, Oli was supposed to do this blog but he’s busy being Santa, sending out all your merch. James keeps buying new coats. Rob sold his pedals and some of his soul to the devil to buy a sexy new bass toy. And I had part of my chest hair waxed with sellotape so a fan could keep it as a souvenir... don’t ask. Cale. xox

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