Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt

Y’know when you only meet someone briefly but your solid judge of character tells you they’re a good, honest person and that in time you’ll be close friends and somewhere much further down the line you would (maybe) consider sharing a chocolate bar with them? Well, I’m getting that feeling with the year 2018, which is fortunate for me because I’m fairly certain that it doesn’t eat chocolate.

At the end of January, BBC introducing invited us down to the legendary Maida Vale studios to record four songs for the lovely Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1. Now, that’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be writing any time soon. A huge thank you is in order to Simon, George, Rhona and the brilliant film crew for smashing it out the park from start to finish. We, on the other hand, wandered off and found ourselves gawping at the skirting board and plug sockets in the room The Beatles recorded in, not to mention a piano that had been graced by 10 of the finest digits that Liverpool’s heritage has to offer (I’m talking about Paul McCartney’s fingers). Shortly after, we each ate a cottage pie from the canteen and headed to MV4 to act like a proper band. Each song was recorded and filmed live, you can watch the sessions here and revel in the absurdity of Cale describing his character in the yet-to-be-produced Marsicans sitcom Bigging.

James on Macca's piano, BBC Maida Vale

The following week we piled into pat once again and made our way to the New Broadcasting House to be interviewed by Huw Stephens. We had a lot of fun and tried very, very hard to not bring shame upon our respective families by saying something inappropriate or stupid and I think we may have gotten away with it (my family still like me, I think). Huw has been an incredible supporter of our band over the past year and it was so good to thank him in person and agree that we are all now in fact best friends, along with his producers, Abbie and Jacob. Also, massive thanks to all of you who tuned in to the show and pointed out how we all sound the same.

Andddd the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve just released a brand new single, Wake Up Freya, and the response has been incredible; so many kind words and so many of you out there called Freya, who knew? A lot of you had heard this song live last year and spent the remainder of the year tweeting us asking when we’d be releasing it so it feels good to finally put it out there in the world. We’ve got a little surprise up our sleeve for this release too so you better keep your wits about you. Until then, be sure to add it to your playlists and show ya friends, especially if they are called Freya.

That’s about it for this month, or at least that’s all we’re allowed to let you in on. Our headline tour starts next month and we’re in rehearsals making sure they will be the best shows we’ve ever done. Tickets are almost gone for quite a few dates so don’t hang around, grab em at >><< In other news...Rob hugged Simon the BBC sound engineer who has hugged Josh Homme meaning Rob himself has practically hugged Josh Homme, James has started to chant his own name as he enters a room, Cale took the white Dr Martens out for a quick bez and I now bring my own cup to coffee shops.

O. x

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