February 28, 2018

​BLOWN AWAY is what we are with some of the sweet comments we've had about Wake Up Freya. Thanks to all who've taken the time to review it. A selection of kindnesses can be found below... 🎈


The British invade but more on the chill side. Keep sending us groups like Marsicans.

- Pop Dust (USA)


A stunning dawn sunrise, welcoming new life to the world and promising that you will be loved.

- Fresh On The Net


Beautiful harmonies and atmospheric guitars.

- Little Indie Blog


Heart-warmingly tiptoes around the promise and potential of a new life.

- Turtle Tempo


Showcasing a more sensitive side to their harmony laden sound but the arena-sized hooks and trademark joyful warmth remain.

- Soundcheck Live


Marsicans have a way of creating extremely melodic indie rock...uplifting and inspirational.

- The Revue


The band has a mature, evolving sound and look set to continue their trajectory.

- Four Culture


Yet another reason why Marsicans are one of the hottest bands around.

- It's All Indie


The feels are definitely in full effect with this new one from Marsicans.

- Music Is My Life


A poignantly written and captivating single.

- Love Music, Love Life


The group’s trademark riffs and hooks aren’t forgotten though Wake Up Freya is far more personal and emotional.

- Popped Music


Their most intricate song thus far.

- Emerging Indie Bands


Soft, refreshing and very catchy.

- One Unique


After months of growth and intense singles, Marsicans have decided to pause and take stock.

- Fresh Beats 365


An introspective, twinkling tune.

- Circuit Sweet


A shimmering dream pop that brings out an intense emotional experience.

- Indie Central Music


Marsicans revel in slowing the pace down and watching the world spin around.

- Melographic


The new track exhibits a softer side of the band.

- Indie Is Not A Genre


A distant breezy feel introduces us to emotive vocals and a sweetly simplistic guitar melody...injections of warm harmonic vocals adding further depth.

 - New Wave Testament


Don’t sleep on one the best upcoming indie bands from a country famous for the best upcoming indie bands.

- Savage Thrills





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