BIRMINGHAM - Sunflower Lounge, 01.03.18

Marsicans are stars on the rise. The band's ability to seamlessly meld genres and sounds displays a sophistication in their talent...their poppy attitudes and genuine exuberance display their youth.

- Birmingham Live

LONDON - Borderline, 02.03.18

Two of the crowd’s favourites, Arms of Another and Swimming, brought with them absolute madness, with the entire room jumping and dancing around.

- +stage

Bristol - Louisiana, 03.03.18

Marsicans sound like a band who really enjoy their craft...their energy is untouchable.

- Epigram

GLASGOW - Garage (Attic Bar), 07.03.18

It’s always great to see a band show so much raw energy and how much they are enjoying themselves while performing.

- The Modern Record

Marsicans' cheery onstage attitude fits their musical stylings perfectly, adding to the full sun-kissed experience.

- Love Music; Love Life

MANCHESTER - Deaf Institute, 08.03.18

The duelling vocals of James Newbigging and Rob Brander add another level to the impact of the four’s energy, capable of leaving every head in the venue bobbing along just minutes into their set.

- One Great Song

Marsicans’ infectious harmonies and guitar brilliance took hold grasped the audience from the get-go.

- Popped Music LEEDS - Church, 10.03.18

The unadulterated joy they bring to the stage is utterly captivating and nothing short of contagious, setting their performance apart.

- Circulation

An exhilarating watch and an exciting band at the peak of their game.

- Never Enough Notes

Marsicans produce an overflowing energy that they manage to transmit to their public so easily. Unforgettable.

- Just Focus (French)

Marsicans have an infectious stage presence and truly flawless harmonies...their live performances always an incredible experience.

- Up&Coming

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