Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt


I think it’s stopped snowing. I don’t know. I’ve been crying under my quilt waiting for some sunshine. But there’s no such thing as global warming... So, yeah, we had one week to thaw off after our snowy tour and we were on the road to support Feeder, which was kinda surreal, but we had a blast. But that’s it for gigs til festival season, when it’s all about outside stages, warm beers, and checking the weather forecast to see how many ponchos and spare socks you’ll need.

Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt

It’s been announcement after announcement for us, with a bunch of festivals, new and previously played, all being announced throughout March and April, and it makes us very excited to be out in Pat with our sunglasses on to protect our eyes from the rain. Notable mentions include the likes of The Great Escape which we debuted at last year. But this year, it’s gonna be done proper with us playing three gigs over the three days, and soaking up the south coast sun to get rid of our heroin-esque pale tan. Also we played Thursday of Leeds Festival last year but we’re not leaving Reading out this time round, we’re joining both halves and playing the Radio 1 stage which is pretty huge for us, having watched countless bands on it since we were 16 years old. Might even spread a rumour that Tame Impala are on after us to get everyone in the festival into the tent...

Photo: Jake Haseldine.

T'was also announced that we'll be playing our first transatlantic festival in May! Y'boys are flying to Canada for Canadian Music Week, with help from the PRS Foundation, and we intend on eating all the maple syrup and playing all the ice hockey and riding all the mice (yes, the plural of moose is "mice") and then after that, we'll play our intended gigs. If anyone has suggestions what to do whilst out there, let us know; we have spare time to enjoy Toronto. In terms of strange but fun gigs, we played at the Etihad Stadium before Man City versed Man United, then watched the game after it. It was a great atmosphere and quite a funny result, but had to make sure we weren’t caught smiling (as neutrals) watching Man City throw away a two-goal lead. Ouch.

Behind the scenes of all these fun gigs being announced, we might have been in the studio recording some brand new material, which might be released in the not so distant future, and might blow your socks off...who knows?... we know but you don't. You’ll be calling us marsockblowers instead of Marsicans if we’ve recorded music that’s gonna blow your socks off. You’ll have to keep your ears peeled. That’s it for now. Just wait for summer and all the crazy antics were gonna get up to.

In other news...Rob's Kryptonite is the evil green material known as Broccoli, we’ve almost broken Oli to dye his hair blonde again, James has finally seen the light and is getting a new phone which isn’t an iPhone, and I’ve bought some very expensive new cymbals recently so will be letting people pet my dog Hendrix for £5 a minute. Cale x

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