Photo: Ant Adams/When The Horn Blows

OFF THE PLANE straight to the beach: Toronto to Brighton is the furthest distance we've travelled between gigs so far but our sunny three days at the Great Escape made it worthwhile. Thanks to those who took time to come down and write about us. 🎈

One of a few indie bands with a good chance of breaking into the mainstream are Marsicans...reminiscent of the Maccabees, with just the right kind of songs and style to remember the next time around.

- Little Indie Blog

Queue the sweaty storming show from Marsicans at Sticky Mike’s. This band never fail to make my day...soon they will be off on their merry way, playing the bigger stages I can’t get near.

- Popped Music

Marsicans blew me away at the Komedia. The band looked thrilled to be performing to a crowd full of fans who were singing their songs back word for word...running through a list of catchy upbeat tracks...easily one of the best I saw all weekend.

- Brighton's Finest

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