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Photo: Adam Wood

Hello, avid readers.

It's Rob here, and it's my turn to tell you all about what we've been up to over the last month or so. I will do this in what people from the internet call: a 'blog'.

As I write to you, I'm sitting in my childhood bedroom on our manager's old broken laptop, punching harder than you would expect is appropriate at the keyboard in order to make it work. If anyone could see me now, they would surely be convinced that I have gone mad and some men in white coats would be along shortly to come and take me away. Thankfully for all of us, that is not the case and I can bash away violently until my heart is content whilst listening to 'Sylvia's Mother' by Dr. Hook for about the 1000th time in a row.

Anyway, enough about me; more about the band (featuring me)...

We recently put out a single called Pop-Ups. The response, as usual, was overwhelming and we cannot thank you guys enough for your continued support! It's been played on Radio One, BBC 6 Music, added to a load of crazy Spotify playlists and generally welcomed into the world with open arms. How wonderful.

Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt

Last month, the lovely people at The Mahogany Sessions caught wind of said single and invited us to play a special acoustic version of the track whilst they filmed it on their fancy cameras. We met on an overcast day down a lovely cobbled back street on the outskirts of Leeds and lots of kind people lent us extension cables to power our Wurlitzer piano. At one point, it looked like it might rain and we all panicked, but then it didn't rain, so we diverted our attention to a cat that lived on the street and how we could get him to stand still long enough to be in the video. We're really pleased with how the session turned out, and we'd love it if you took some time to watch.

That was it for overcast days, as a few weeks later THE BIG FUCKING HEATWAVE HIT! Cale celebrated by getting sunburn that he tried to convince himself was a tan, and the rest of us spent lots of time saying "It might be too hot", like Jay from The Inbetweeners. Then, football was coming home for a while but at the last possible second decided that coming home was too much effort so it decided to go to France instead. Amidst all this craziness, we had some festivals to play!

The first on this rather hectic run of ours was Follow The Sun festival in Portsmouth. We got really really ("might be too hot") hot on stage so decided to take a midnight swim in the sea to cool off. It's the second on-tour-midnight-sea-swim that we have undertaken as a band and it is a truly life affirming experience. Oli gets a bit weird and starts saying things like "I feel so alive", so we're probably gonna monitor his intake of salt water next time. Suitably affirmed, we went to bed knowing we had to wake up at 5 O'CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING to head to our next festival the following day. Fortunately, that festival was Barn On The Farm, a favourite of ours, so we didn't grumble too much. Upon arrival, we had lots of coffee and we were buzzing to be opening the main stage. What we did not expect, however was to walk out to a full tent at 11 O'CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING. It genuinely blew us away so thank you to everyone who turned up. After the show we stuck around and got pretty drunk, so apologies to anyone who saw Oli's dad-dancing at Tom Misch.

Photo: Adam Wood

A week of writing songs in our windowless rehearsal studio and we were raring to get back out into the light. Smoked & Uncut festival offered another opportunity to do this, so we took it with both hands. Oli got lots of sun cream in his eyes whilst on stage, but there was free champagne and I ate two veggie burgers B2B so all things considered it was a wonderful day.

Photo: Adam Wood

As I write this, we still have a wealth of wonderful places left to go and play this summer, so I'll leave you on this: here's to being drunk in a field with your friends and hopefully we'll see you at one or two festivals to 'cheers' that toast...

In other news... Cale turned into an aggressive American rockstar called Kyle, Oli started internet dating, James twinned a blazer with a pair of swim shorts and I will now be referred to as 'The Egyptian King' on all mail correspondence. All will be revealed...

Until next time, love,

Rob. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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