🎈WHAT A BLAST we had on the road with the BBC/Good Karma Club's Abbie McCarthy, Childcare, Lucia and a shit-ton of ace opening acts. Everything about these shows exceeded our expectations, including the nightly Wispa Gold count - thank you for fattening us up for Summer 2019! (Birmingham, you won with 67 btw.) 🍫

As always, special shout-out to all the reviewers and photographers who turned out to snap and write up. Some lovely work from you below...

London, Dingwalls - see video, photo gallery

Manchester, Academy 3 - see video, photo gallery

"With the songs coming back to back, the crowd were on a high... the room echoed to the sound and you could almost palpably feel the connection between band and fans."

- Little Indie Blogs, full review here.

Bimingham, Mama Roux's - see video

"There is an unarguable joy and euphoria that comes along with a Marsicans show. The lads have perfectly balanced youthful optimism with reflective rock, creating a world that is boundless in energy yet mature in purpose.

- Birmingham Live, full review here.

Newcastle, Think Tank?

"There is an infectious energy to each live performance that Marsicans perform which is impossible to ignore. It’s almost as if they command you to dance and go crazy."

- Popped Music, full review here.

"The few and far between moments of calm were needed as the band took in the sight in front of them and re-composed. Marsicans seem to have their sights set on being the next quintessential summer band and they’re not far off if Friday was anything to go by."

- Peanut Mixtape, full review here.

Glasgow, Stereo

"A performance decked head to toe in melody, the individual vocals of members weave within each other to create a swooning sound that layers over the top of their indie-pop musicianship."

- Tenement TV, full review here.

Photo: Adam Wood
Photo: Ami Ford

Photo: Adam Wood

Photo: Adam Wood
Photo: Adam Wood

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