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🎈YOU DID IT AGAIN, LIVE AT LEEDS! We had an absolute blast yesterday. 💥

Thanks to all for the kind words below...

"Leeds’ own homegrown band Marsicans made their city proud as they performed a coveted slot at the O2 Academy for this year’s festival. With a debut album still on the horizon, the indie-pop quartet performed their bright tunes including ‘Suburbs,’ ‘Pop Ups (Sunny At The Weekend),’ and ‘Too Good,’ causing a mosh pit every corner of the packed 2,300 capacity venue."

- NME, full review here.

"Marsicans set the venue alight during their was impossible not to be swept up by the band’s more insurgent new material, tracks that will surely define them as one of the nation’s most treasured new indie bands in the coming months."

- The Mic Magazine, full review here.

"The band had perfectly grabbed the attention of the crowd and started up a call and response during the bridge of their feel good tune Throw Ourselves In. There was no need for guitars and the band themselves stepped back in awe as their adoring fans carried the song without them. The atmosphere was electric...This four piece from Leeds are a force to be reckoned with in the UK’s music scene and will undoubtedly be playing sold-out arena tours across the country within the next few years."

- Get Into This, full review here.

"From the moshpits that swirled around the huge venue, it was perfect to catch Marsicans in their hometown with such an excited audience."

- Popped Music, full review here.

"Local gems Marsicans took over the O2 Academy and got the place rocking. The indie quartet have a plethora of absolute tunes from popular track “Too Good” to latest single “Your Eyes”, all of which have such energy. A large group moshing in the crowd to each and every track was fantastic to watch from the balcony – it was over all too soon."

- Music Drums and Me, full review here.

"Another outfit with reasons to be optimistic are local lads Marsicans,..with a finely tuned ear for pop that gives songs like 'Your Eyes' and 'Suburbs' a poised gloss with substance underneath."

- Live4Ever, full review here.

"Marsicans' early stripped back set at the Farah store in Leeds city centre illustrated that guitar peddles and heavy guitar solos aren’t everything. Despite the queue running around the arcade, fans outside were able to illustrate their love for the band by clambering onto each others' shoulders outside of the shop to watch through the glass. It is clear that certain bands benefit from these intimate acoustic sets, with Marsicans' shimmery and summery tracks being no exception."

- Safe & Sound, full review here.

Photo: Selena Kearvell

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