🎈WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! After thanking Radio 1, Radio X, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing, MTV, C4 Sunday Brunch, Kerrang (!) TV, Made In Chelsea, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and VEVO, we still have to tip our hats off to all the bloggers out there, who keep busting out the reviews for scant reward, apart from RSI and tinnitus. Your sweet scribblings about Your Eyes took us to #3 on Hype Machine's Most Blogged Artists - THANK YOU! 😘

Here is a selection of your kindnesses...

"Catchy indie songcraft."

- Clash magazine, full review here.

"As catchy as it is deeply vulnerable, “Your Eyes” is a truly great song."

- Atwood Magazine Editor's Pick, full review here.

"Marsicans delve into darker territory but prevail emphatically."

- Born Music, full review here.

"Leeds-based outfit bring an upbeat vibe to their latest pop-rock thumper."

- Mystic Sons, full review here.

"Another super intelligent, helluva infectious pop song."

- Scientists of Sounds, full review here.

"Marsicans adopt a more gritty, introspective sound than we are used to seeing."

- When The Horn Blows, full review here.

"A new banger about trying to live up to other people's expectations as you become an adult."

- Little Indie Blogs, full review here.

"Lovely new single...energetic guitars and infectious pop hooks."

- Caesar Live n Loud, full review here.

"Along comes Marsicans, a band that manages to roll up so much from early doors Maccabees, Wombats and Good Shoes (remember them?): fun, energetic and quirky."

- Popped Music, full review here.

"A euphoric take on the feeling of being left behind whilst everyone else is moving forward with their lives."

- Mix It All Up, Track Of The Day, full review here.

"No shortage of riffs and the blistering chorus tears through you with a wholly infectious energy."

- Gig Goer, full review here.

"A perfect example of a band blossoming into their own sound, whilst staying faithful to their unique roots."

- Words For Music, Single Of The Week, full review here.

"An emotional wave that is in parts both punk and indie, a reflective bouncy song that is sure to wow fans."

- Birmingham Live, full review here.

"An incandescent gem, speckled with jaunty chords and erupting with soaring choruses."

- I Heart Moosiq, full review here.

"Shows exactly why Marsicans are one of the hottest bands around at the minute."

- Gigs North East, full review here.

"With punchy, guitar driven angst, the single is a triumph."

- Come Here Floyd, full review here.

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